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Esports and guessing platform#86

NEO Online Guessing Project (Outline Version)
Brief introduction: Betting on the results of e-sports competitions via NEO blockchain.
Technology implementation: An overseas server, which mainly acts as a link to the betting data of the game website and NEO Wallet, detects the results of the match through the NEO smart contract and settles the betting results.
Project solving pain points:

  1. The blockchain project cannot go out of the loop, and users always self-cycle. This project can ensure that the betting data is not tampered with by using the immutable attribute of blockchain. Using blockchain anonymity features to protect the privacy of betting and guessing users. Smart contracts are used to judge competition results and distribute rewards.
  2. Users of esports viewing competitions can have a platform to bet on the teams or the results to win prizes, increasing the passion of esports and improving entertainment.
  3. Use the platform profits to purchase or fund well-known competitions or teams to promote the project brand and expand its popularity. Increased publicity for blockchain Real use case project.
    Project planning:
    1 Create a website. Apply for a domain name. Create a brand name
  4. Create smart contracts, connect the website with NEO Wallet
  5. Collect world famous events, official website addresses and results addresses for users to access relevant information and verify the authenticity of results.
  6. Develop the corresponding event result collection program and connect the smart contract to automatically settle and distribute awards.
    Issue NFT or token (not recommended at the early stage) to create project brand and community VIP rights mechanism, and turn to community autonomy when the platform has scale

Play 2 Bet on 1NEO to get the qualification, and return NEO after the end. For example, the schedule of the LPL Summer race is announced in advance. Therefore, after qualifying for NEO, you can continuously bet on this series of events on the website (after checking the consecutive outcome check on the website interface, you can start to bet from the platform
Follow-up development route:

  1. Social functions. A communication space for fans of the event. Event prediction, analysis, etc. Increased playability and increased communication across circles and boundaries.
    2 points around the NFT exchange platform, contest customization, etc.
  2. Issue tokens, token application: community DAO voting rights. 1. The community proposes a competition to enter the platform, and the community votes to decide whether to enter the competition and join the guessing. 2. According to the platform central Treasury, determine the profit sharing ratio and cash dividend ratio. For example, adjust the dividend percentage of early NFT holders and locked-in dividend percentage of token holders.
    Vision: To become the world’s largest guessing platform, open and fair. Become the world’s largest esports communication platform, passion, surging!
    Project features: In case of compliance review or ban, on-chain data can still run according to smart contract. Asset privacy is not affected.
    This is an idea for a new project. I have some suggestions for GhostMarket, which has issued tokens and gone public. As a user of GhostMarket, I feel very sorry for GM’s market value and the number of users. GM’s functions are very useful in the market, but its value is less than a corner of the head item, which is very unreasonable. In my opinion, for a currency project, first of all, it should have its own unique strengths, new concepts and new functions, as well as increased profit space for investors and users. For a project to explode, it only takes one chance. With user attention, only the user data, the great project will begin. GM needs to be social, it needs to take the NFT innovation out of the game, it needs new ideas, it needs courage and challenge.(Bisogor)
6 months ago
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